Teaching in 2011

Convex Optimization and Machine Learning, Kyoto U. (Fall 2011)

Recommended reading to take the course
Sections A.1, A.2, A.3, A.5.1, A.5.2, C.1, C.2 in Convex Optimization.

Assignment 1 Due Dec. 16th 23:59, by email.

Introduction to Information Sciences, Kyoto U. (Fall 2011)

Here are the slides

Assignment write a report (2 to 3 pages) on Kraft's Inequality. Provide some historical context. Due Nov. 15th 23:59, by email.

Foundations of Intelligent Systems, Kyoto U. (Spring 2011)

Part I, Statistical Machine Learning

April 19th - June 7th

Homework 1, due June 12th (Sun.)

Homework 2, due July 16th (Sat.)

Part II, Computational Learning Theory

June 14th - July 26th (taught by Prof. Yamamoto)

Language Information Processing, Kyoto U. (Spring 2011)

Chapter on Machine Learning Approaches

June 6th - June 20th


You can choose either of these two tasks:

  • Write a reading report on Topic Models by D. Blei and J. Lafferty, 2009.

  • Implement a simple prototype of CRF's for shallow parsing based on Shallow Parsing using CRF's by F. Sha and F. Pereira, 2004.

Please complete the assignment by July 15th, 23:59 and send it to me by email.

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Guest Lecture in Prof. Avis’ Introduction to Algorithms and Informatics course